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Preparation for the summer health of children were discussed at a meeting in the Myadel regional executive committee

The meeting was attended by representatives of all interested services: from the Department for Education, Sport and Tourism of the district executive committee, the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service to the ROVD and the Emergency Situations Department

The Deputy Chairman of the District Executive Committee Inna Barieva focused on the impeccability of the organization and conduct of the children's summer health campaign. Her thought was continued by the head of the department for education, sport and tourism of the district executive committee Tatyana Efimova. Also Tatyana Gennadievna introduced with the plans and figures. According to the decision of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee, the Myadel District is tasked with improving summer 1072 schoolchildren. 643 people will be sent to camps with day stay, including 15 to work and rest camps and 118 to sports and fitness centers. 429 children and teenagers will be rehabilitated in camps with around-the-clock stay. That is, in camps by profiles, activities for a period of at least 9 days (work and rest) - 23 people, other profiles - 180, in sports and recreation for a period of 18 or more days-53. Orphans who are on the family forms of the device will not be ignored. A camp will also be organized for disabled children.

The meeting discussed the timing and bases of the health camps, nominated directors and senior educators. The issues of providing children with quality nutrition, organization of medical care, educational work, and safety were raised. All this will be reflected in the decision of the district executive committee “On the organization of summer health of children in 2019,” the draft of which was also discussed by those present. A commission on acceptance of health camps will be set up soon, a commission bypass of the camps with a 24-hour stay is planned for the period from May 21 to 30.

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