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Tourist gathering of schoolchildren took place in Gatovichi, Myadel Region


More than a hundred students from 13 educational institutions gathered here.

They competed in orienteering, cycling tourism, the passage of a short distance in the technique of tourism. More teams showed their talents in a variety of competitions.

- This year, the rally took place two days, not a day, as in the past, therefore there were more types in the program, said Anastasia Krivosheeva, a methodologist at the Center for Creativity, Tourism of Children and Youth of the District. - I think everything went at a high level: the teachers prepared the teams properly, and the children tried to show their tourist skills. And the weather was good. Evaluated the performance of schoolchildren of the jury, headed by the chief judge of the competition - the teacher of the center Alexander Gorodetsky.

We turn to the results. In orienteering, the first place was taken by students of the Myadelsky military-industrial complex day-care center-secondary school. In the short run, tourism equipment was not equal to representatives of the Naroch secondary school №1. In the technique of cycling tourism, students of the Myadel CPC nursery-sad-SS won again. In the competition of performances, the Svatkovsky military-industrial complex d / sad-school named after Maxim Tank showed themselves better. And in the competition of a tourist song the first place was shared by three teams: Myadelsky CPC, Naroch secondary school №2 and Krivitsky CPC. In the competition of tourist newspapers, the best results are at Myadelsky and Krivitsky military industrial complex, in the competition of tourist skills and life - in the boarding school of the city of Myadel.

According to the results of all types, the victory was celebrated by the team of the Myadel CPC nursery-sad-SS. The second place is for students of the Krivitsky Criminal Procedure Code, and the third place is for representatives of the Naroch Secondary School No. 2.

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