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Action «Belaya RUS» - with love and care of children» went at Molodechno


The summer health campaign is the most important part of the health-saving learning technology, which affects not only the physical, but also the moral and psychological state of the younger generation. The issues of rest, health improvement and health promotion of children, their upbringing and development are the backbone in the implementation of state policy.

At meetings of the Presidium of the Council of the PPP on Education of the Molodechno District Organization, the issue of attracting the members of the Belaya Rus NGO to holding the “Belaya Rus” campaign with love and care for children during the children's vacation recreation is traditionally considered. The organization’s asset got acquainted with the methodological recommendations of the Ministry of the Republic of Belarus on the organization of summer holidays. Based on the recommendations were developed scenarios of activities of this action.

In total, according to the plan, in the summer period of 2019, 5737 children need to be rehabilitated, following the results of 1 shift (in June) in 95 camps of various types, 4,258 children and teenagers spent their holidays at camps. More than 850 teachers, members of the ROO Belaya Rus, worked as educators, organizers, instructors, and camp leaders.

Under the auspices of the ROO Belaya Rus, within the republican campaign “Small Motherland: Relay of Useful Affairs” dedicated to the Year of Small Motherland, intellectual games, subject festivals, labor actions, hikes, tours, sports events took place in the region. In order to increase interest in the study of their small homeland, we used the current forms: “Days of the Belarusian language”, testing “Native language of all sides”, “Taste of Belarusian language”, the quest “From feelings to actions”, the competition “I had a joy to birth here” , local history lessons "Our land is the part of the Earth", creative evenings "Native land from the heart", etc.

An action “We remember, we are proud!” Was organized and held, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus. The members of the NGO “Belaya Rus” together with the students held a series of activities “Veteran lives nearby”, “Day of memory and sorrow”, excursions to Khatyn, to the line of Stalin, etc.

As part of the civil-patriotic action “We are Belarusians”, thematic evenings, contests, hikes, excursions to the places of interest of our Motherland were held.

The competition program – a distance journey through the streets of his native city helped to expand children's knowledge about the history and traditions of the Belarusian people, helped to strengthen love for their native land.

Visiting the M. Bogdanovich Museum in the village of Rakutevchyna became traditional. Introduction with the museum expositions helped children to plunge into the time of the poet’s life, to get to know household items, books, published more than 200 years ago.

The members of the NGO “Belaya Rus” organized the “Days of Health”, various events on healthy lifestyles, proper nutrition, spiritual and moral orientation, as well as “Days of Ecology” and “Safety Days”, the activities of which were aimed at preventing children's road traffic injury, safe behavior in the forest, on water, on the roads.

Ahead of two summer months, specialized camps, sports and recreational camps and stationary camp "Oriole" will work. Members of the ROO Belaya Rus will be involved in providing pedagogical support for the rehabilitation of children, therefore, the action Belaya Rus with love and care for children continues to work.

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