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Readiness of the Central Region Organizations for haresting campaign were discussed in the Minsk Regional Executive Committee


Several issues were immediately raised on the agenda of the special meeting of the regional executive committee: About the readiness of agricultural organizations of the Minsk region for the harvesting campaign of 2019 and winter sowing, separately considered the situation in the Slutsk region, and also discussed the progress of housing construction for large families in the Minsk region. Presentations on the above issues were made by the Chairman of the Committee for Architecture and Construction Alexander Kruchanov, the Head of the Committee for Agriculture and Foodstuffs Sergey Levkovich, and also the Head of the State Control Committee of the Central Region Valery Stadolnik.

Alexander Kruchanov noted that the topic of housing construction for the needy is highly relevant. “The first is the demographic security of our country, the increase in the birth rate and, accordingly, the population of Belarus. The second thing that the President emphasized was the provision of comfortable living conditions and a roof over large families. The task is to ensure in this and next year in such a volume housing that the needy stood in a queue for the construction of not more than 1 year. Government decree must provide 2112 large families with living space. A program that today allows you to perform this task were deeloped. Every house registered with the regional executive committee has been proided. ” The head also noted that he had already been fulfilled, and cited specific figures on housing construction for the first half of 2019: “Today we have 496 families who received their apartments in the region. This is about 25% of the annual program. Why and was there more? Yes, but the main objects, as it is, are usually put into operation in the 3-4 quarter. To fulfill all the conditions, the main task lies with the district executive committees. And next year we are already planning to provide housing for more than 3.5 thousand families. By the way, the 4 defining districts - Borisov, Soligorsk, Molodechno, Minsk and the city of Zhodino - significantly influence the picture as a whole. ”

As for harvesting grain, Sergey Levkovich explained the situation and noted that the process was started. Winter rape, on the basis of the total, cleaned more than 40%. “Gradually, areas, mostly southern, begin to harvest grain. At the moment, the share is one hundredth and, as a rule, it is winter barley. In general, the campaign preparation was not without problems. To date, the mobilization of 96% of combine harvesters, 98 points is the readiness of grain drying complexes. In addition, for the entire complex of field work on cleaning grain and leguminous plants in the region, it is planned to attract additional equipment and people from Minsk. These are 177 units of equipment and 152 specialists. Plus, from third-party organizations in the districts of the Minsk region will attract 305 cars and 423 specialists. But still, there are 15 agricultural organizations that cause certain concerns. But, in fact, they will not play a significant negative role, if we take in the whole region, and to all, we are very actively working with these enterprises. ”

It is also worth noting the fact that at the beginning of June there was a squally wind, hail and showers - this affected the condition of the loaves. About 30% were killed, and this is about 170 thousand hectares. Fallen bread is hard to remove without loss, but the farmers promise that they will make every effort to make it qualitatively.

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