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Oblast festival "dozhinki-2019" will be held on october 12 in borisov


On October 12, 2019, the regional festival-fair of workers of the village Dozhinki-2019 will be held on the territory of the state sports institution Borisov-Arena

Within the framework of the festival, exhibitions of improvised "courtyards" are planned, in which each district of the region and the city of Zhodino will present a thematic exhibition-presentation of the main brands of the region. An exhibition of loaves and pre-cut sheaves from each region of the region will be organized, as well as a “Pre-cut sheaf - 2019” and the main loaf of the Minsk region will be presented.

The “City of Masters” will be represented by exhibitions and master classes of masters of folk art crafts in pottery, straw, weaving, vytinanka, weaving, wood carving, etc.

During the day, several scenic venues will be operating on the territory of the Borisov Arena, where amateur groups from the Minsk Region will perform, master classes in household dance, interactive areas for children and youth, and a festive disco. For the first time, the Vyaselnaya thematic zone is dedicated to the “Vyaselnaya abradnaststsi Year”, where a demonstration of unique folk wedding dresses from different regions of the Minsk region and an exhibition of reproductions of old wedding photographs are planned.

Traditionally, a festive procession will take place, which will take place at the Borisov-Arena stadium and will start the festive event on the main venue.

The culmination of the holiday will be the rewarding of the winners of the annual regional competition for achieving high performance in harvesting grain and leguminous crops by the chairman of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee A.M. Isachenko, after which all guests will enjoy a festive concert with the participation of amateur art groups of the Minsk region and professional artists.

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