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Minsk Oblast eager to cooperate with Ukraine in pharmaceutics, reforestation


Minsk Oblast invites Ukraine to implement joint projects in pharmaceutics and reforestation, Minsk Oblast Governor Anatoly Isachenko said at the plenary session of the 2.

It is important to establish and strengthen ties between Belarusian and Ukrainian enterprises as well as to implement joint projects, Anatoly Isachenko believes. “For example, there are more than ten pharmaceutical companies with various forms of ownership in Minsk Oblast. We could launch joint production of medicines. A project to grow planting material for reforestation also holds a lot of promise. I think this problem is as important for Ukraine as it is for Belarus,” he said. According to Anatoly Isachenko, Belarusian and Ukrainian partners already have experience in mutual investment. In H1 2019, Minsk Oblast investment in Ukrainian regions doubled over H1 2018 and totaled $47 million. A total of 177 companies with Ukrainian investment operate in Minsk Oblast. One of the latest joint projects was a project to set up an enterprise to produce brake shoes for BelAZ in Staryye Dorogi. Minsk Oblast has created great conditions for investment, Anatoly Isachenko believes. He cited the China-Belarus industrial park which grants its residents preferences which are unmatched in Europe or Asia. Resident companies of the Free Economic Zone Minsk also enjoy substantial preferences. According to Anatoly Isachenko, education and science are also very promising areas for cooperation. The forum in Zhitomir should open up new opportunities for cooperation between regions of the two countries.

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