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A new painting line for BelAZ mining equipment parts will be launched in Zhodino


On November 5, in the BelAZ press shop, within the framework of the program “Development Strategy for Painting Production of OJSC“ BelAZ ”- the managing company of the holding“ BELAZ-HOLDING ”, a new line of preparation and painting of parts and assemblies of BelAZ mining equipment with a loading capacity of 90 - 450 tons will be launched.

The painting complex with an area of ​​3800 m2 is a series of modules and assemblies (surface preparation tunnel, drying oven, powder paint booths, polymerization furnace, mechanized overhead conveyor, etc.), combined into a single technological line. The total production area on which the high-tech complex is located is 5,200 m2. By the way, the Italian company IMEL is the supplier of equipment for the painting line.

At the same time, the cost of the contract is more than 11.5 million dollars. And the cost of installing equipment and the volume of related work is more than 4 million dollars. In addition, the total length of the conveyor chain is 1.5 km, which will ultimately allow 80 travers with parts to be processed on the line at the same time. By the way, in the technology of applying the paintwork on the parts, automatic devices (robots) and cataphoretic priming by dipping will be applied. The capacity of the bathtub for priming is 130 m3. Products and units with a weight of up to 2,500 kg and a maximum dimension of 4,100 x 2,100 x 2,825 mm will be processed on the painting line.

The hardware and software of the paint line control system are developed on the principle of a single control panel and several power cabinets installed next to the main units and the executive units of the complex, interconnected by a data bus to a single network. The control system software will allow you to conveniently and clearly display on the touch panels the current parameters of the line and provide flexibility in terms of setting operating modes. It is worth emphasizing that the introduction of this line will reduce the environmental burden on the environment. It will also save on paint coatings, while their quality will improve, and the service life of the coating products will increase to 7-10 years. In addition, due to automation in the paint industry, the share of manual labor will significantly decrease. With the commissioning of a new set of equipment, the press shop will receive a high-performance painting line that meets the most modern requirements.

Information In 2012, BelAZ developed and approved a strategy for the development of the company's paint production. The introduction of the paint shop complex at the Press Shop was the fourth major facility under this program.

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