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Family film screenings and free legal advice. What else awaits the voters in Minsk Oblast


Interactive, tastings, gifts, free tickets to concerts of famous artists. On the main election day, November 17, according to tradition, it will be possible not only to vote at polling stations. What holiday awaits everyone on Sunday - in the review MLYN.BY.

A karaoke tournament will be held in Zhodino at Central Section No. 8, and a mini-golf tournament with a draw of certificates for visiting the ice platform and an exhibition of rare motorcycles at Avtozavodsky Section No. 7. The first voters are waiting for gifts. And in the Sudobovsky district No. 2, every hundredth is guaranteed a subscription to the newspaper "Minsk Prada".

In the Smolevichi district, family film screenings, medical events, and sports games will be held. Psychologists will conduct individual consultations for parents and the training “Learning to communicate with children” at Budagovsky district No. 27. “Why is the child protesting?” The expert will tell during a round table at Vorotovsky polling station No. 35. At Alesinsky block No. 31, everyone will participate in a computer science training lesson.

“Portrait of a deputy”, “I am going to the polls because ...”, “Why is my vote important ...”, “Youth of the Myadel region” - Myadelsky district committee of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union has prepared interesting actions and interactive programs for voters. Between some sites will establish a video connection through which young men and women who can vote for the first time can communicate. On the Narochsky site No. 52 and the September site No. 43, local residents will be invited to a tea ceremony with a tasting of herbal drinks from the Aptekarsky Garden sightseeing and tourist complex. On November 17, at the Anniversary polling station No. 42 (Myadel School No. 1 named after Vladimir Dubovka), the second stage of the sports and recreation festival “Dad, Mom, I - A Healthy Family” will start. There will also be a demonstration of the work of the Robototechnics interests association and demonstrations by the cheerleading team. Also on this day, participants in the regional contest of drawings and essays “We are responsible for those who have tamed”, which was organized as part of the riding festival “MEATEL. ByRun-2019. ”

In Slutsk, at the polling station number 1 in the city House of Culture will play tickets for concerts of the National Folk Choir of Belarus named after Tsitovich, the ensemble "Pesnyary", the play "Pinsk gentry" of the National Theater. B. Golubka Slutsky GDK. At polling station 23 for the first-time voters, they prepared musical congratulations. Here, students of the Slutsk State Medical College will hold an action “Do not allow, warn, help me”, and students of secondary school No. 2 - a master class on making flickers “Become more noticeable”. The Healthy Mix milk vernissage at polling station No. 25 will bring together workshops on the preparation of cocktails, drinks, serums, and milk-based cosmetic masks.

In Starodorozhsky district, free consultations of legal advisers and notaries, as well as general practitioners are organized for voters. Self-contest for the most creative photo from the elections “My choice is FOR!”, A fitness zone and the battle “Everybody dance!” Will be held in Sverdlovsk polling station No. 55. And on November 17, a surprise awaits all buyers: industrial trading enterprises will offer a 20% discount on all goods. Also, all stores promise to give a 70% discount on confectionery.

Elena Chebotar, head of the department of trade organization, public catering and services of the main department of trade and services of the regional executive committee:

- More than 1100 non-stationary retail catering facilities, car dealerships, and nearby stores will operate at polling stations. Business entities of all forms of ownership will be involved. In some regions, a single day of discounts is planned. More than 20 fairs will be held in the Berezinsky, Vileysky, Krupsky, Molodechno, Myadel, Nesvizh, Slutsky, Smolevichi, Starodorozhsky, Cherven districts. Customers will be presented with both food and non-food products, fruits and vegetables and souvenir products. Exhibitions and sales of products by master chefs and win-win lotteries will be organized. Catering enterprises will offer to taste new types of meat and dairy products. All comers will have hairdressing services at a reduced price. Children who come to the plots with their relatives will find fun and attractions. A festive atmosphere will help create cultural workers.

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