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Alexander Turchin held an online reception of citizens


Allocation of land, major repairs of a residential building, improvement of the road, creation of a barrier-free environment at the place of residence.

Residents of the central region voiced these and other problematic issues today, on July 1, at a personal reception at the chairman of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, Alexander Turchin, which took place in a telephone conversation.

A resident of the Velichkovichi agricultural town of Soligorsk region, Alexander Ilyich, appealed to the head of the region for assistance in allocating a land plot to his peasant farm OJSC “Agrofirm Krasnaya Niva”. “Now in my use of 21 hectares of land where cereals are grown, I would like to increase the allotment by at least the same amount, and if possible, by 100 hectares. I can’t find mutual understanding with local authorities, if they offer some kind of site, it’s difficult to process. And I want to develop my enterprise, get a good result. ” Alexander Turchin noted that in such a case it is impossible to put obstacles to people. Therefore, until October 1, when the autumn field work ends, 20 hectares of land will be allocated to the farmer. But with the condition: productivity and efficiency of their use should be higher than the average for the region.

Irina Konstantinovna from Slutsk outlined a problem that worries all residents of a 4-apartment apartment building on Sovetskaya Street. Since 2012, it has been on the balance sheet of OJSC Slutsk cheese-making plant. As the woman said, the house is almost 60 years old, but there has never been a major overhaul in it, although tenants regularly pay money for these purposes. Due to the lack of blind areas and plums, mold constantly appears on the walls. Equally worrisome are cracks in ceilings in apartments. The head of the region promised that by October 1 a major overhaul in the house will be completed. He also recommended residents to switch to service in the housing and communal services.

The owner of ODO “Discrete Market” Alexey Valerievich wants to get an additional land plot adjacent to the functioning shopping center of the company on Sovetskaya Street in Zaslavl. “I plan to use it for the construction of parking spaces and improvement of the adjacent territory, but have not yet received permission, since there is the production and warehouse base of the Mingaz Unitary Enterprise. We offered the company to buy their land, but, as I understand it, they are considering it for other construction, in particular residential buildings. Meanwhile, we want to reconstruct the shopping center, expand its functionality and bring it closer to the level of the capital. Help in resolving the issue. " Alexander Turchin noted that the issue will be worked out in detail. It is necessary to analyze which object I really need now. I will glorify it and build on this. It is important that the conditions in the satellite city are close to metropolitan.

In total, 20 people made an appointment with the head of the region. The questions that have been voiced are put under control. Each of them will have to be worked out individually and give people justified answers about the decisions made.

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