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Family benefits spending amounts to 3.4% of Belarus' GDP


MINSK, 18 September (BelTA) – The annual spending on benefits for families with kids is estimated at 3.4% of the GDP, Belarus Deputy Labor and Social Security Minister Valery Kovalkov told BelTA.

The country has created favorable conditions for giving birth to and raising children, he stressed. “The government has never saved on support for families with kids and adopts new support tools almost every year. The most recent ones include the extension of the family capital program, expanded targeted support for large families, one in vitro fertilization attempt free of charge, and so on,” Valery Kovalkov noted.

Such support requires substantial financial investment. The deputy minister mentioned that the total spending on benefits for families with children annually amounts to 3.4% of the country's GDP. This includes family capital, child allowances, targeted social assistance, government-subsidized housing projects, benefits in education, and healthcare. “If we add the spending of state-financed organizations that provide services for families with kids for free, this figure will soar to over Br10 billion, or almost 8% of the GDP,” he added.

The system that serves the interests of the family is a national asset and a unique trademark of Belarus, Valery Kovalkov believes. Even during economic recessions and crises, the country fully met its obligations to families with kids. “As the government supports families with kids, it has the right to expect responsible behavior from parents. Protection of children's rights is a priority for our country, but a happy childhood is the responsibility of parents,” he said. “Children's participation in unsanctioned protects, when they have no understanding of the situation and simply follow their parents, threatens children's interests and defies common sense. No parents wish their kids ill, they protect the most precious things in their lives. I am sure that many mothers and fathers simply do not realize what an uncontrolled crowd is capable of, what the risks are for an immature mind, and how these emotions can affect the children's health and lives,” he added.

Valery Kovalkov called on all parents to understand that children are not a means to express one's social and political position. Taking care of them is our common responsibility. “Let us join efforts in this task for the benefit of our children,” he stated.

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