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Within the framework of the share «Belarus remembers» olunteers take part in the bike ride in v. Ksaverovo


76 years ago, on May 26, 1943, a tragedy occurred in the village of Ksaverovo, Minsk region. The whole village was asleep when shots were heard. It turned out that the village was surrounded by fascists. They began to shoot machine guns at home. It lasted until dawn. Villagers gathered near the house of Vasiliy Korotkiy. All the suspects in connection with the partisans were pushed inside... The command was sounded: “Set fire to!” Fire appeared from the windows...

That day 23 people died.

In 1945, a monument was established on a mass grave in the village of Ksaverovo. Residents of Lugovoslobodsky village council remember this terrible day, take care of the mass grave, lay flowers.

On the eve of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the liberation from the Nazi invaders, on June 20, 2019, students of the state educational institution “Lugovoslobodskaya Secondary School”, members of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, BRPO, ROO Belaya Rus, took part in the action “Belarus remembers” bike ride to the village Ksaverovo.

The participants of the bike ride recalled the tragic history of the village, honored the memory of the innocent victims of the village with a minute of silence and laid flowers at the monument.

No words can convey those feelings and emotions that appeared in their hearts at that moment! Each of the participants on this day made his own small feat, a feat in the name of those who, not sparing their lives, spent four long years towards the Great Victory!

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