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Regional holiday in honor of the day of independence and the 75th anniversary of liberation of Belarus has passed in Nesviz


There are more than 200 different events on Independence Day organizing in the Minsk region: rallies, laying flowers, meetings with veterans, festivals, exhibitions, sports and theatrical performances, film screenings.

A large-scale regional holiday dedicated to the liberation of Belarus from the Nazi invaders accepted Nesvizh. Throughout the day, residents and guests of the district center were offered a lot of entertainment. The main festivities took place in the park near the Nesvizh Museum-Reserve, where one could participate in various sports and cultural events. Here are the mass grave and a monument to the Soviet soldier, an eternal flame burns. The leadership of the regional executive committee, headed by Governor Anatoly Isachenko, as well as deputies of the House of Representatives and members of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, regional authorities and public organizations, laid flowers at the monument. “I think we all celebrate this great holiday with a sense of pride and respect for our country. Unfortunately, we have very few veterans left - the years, nevertheless, take their toll. And our main task is to do everything for our veterans to live with dignity. This is our story, these are the people who created the state, won back and restored it from the ruins. And we need these people to live as long as possible, ”said the head of the region after the ceremony of laying flowers.

In the evening, at 20.00, the melodies of the war years performed by the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus sounded at the city stadium. Popular Belarusian performers, national artists of the country and talented participants of international song contests took to the stage with the team leader Viktor Babarikin. Guests from China also spoke in Nesvizh: residents of Chongqing Province presented a congratulatory program. The special guest of the holiday was the Russian singer Igor Nikolaev. The holiday ended with the action “Let's sing the hymn together” and volleys of festive salute.

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