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Love will live here! A special promo in the Minsk World complex in the run-up to Valentine's Day!


A special promo was launched in the Minsk World complex on February 6 in the run-up to Valentine's Day - apartments in certain houses will be offered with discounts if purchased using an installment plan. Thanks to special prices, those who buy an apartment during the promo will save a lot of money!

When buying an apartment in the Beijing and Sydney Lux houses of the Champions quarter, New York and San Francisco of the North America quarter, Hong Kong and Tokyo houses in the Asia quarter and the Alexandria house in the Africa quarter, you can get a nice discount timed to Valentine's Day. This discount is available starting today and applies if you opt for a long-term installment plan.

Family values are one of Dana Holdings' top priorities. This is why the special promo is timed to Valentine's Day.

The Minsk World multifunctional complex, which is built to the "city inside the city" principle, suggests that everything you need for a comfortable and happy life will be within an easy reach.

Located in the immediate vicinity of the center of the capital city, Minsk World has received the EuropaProperty award as the largest multifunctional complex in Europe.

People in love dream of hearing children's laughter some day in their homes. Minsk World has everything for families with children - each quarter of the complex will have a kindergarten or a school.

The complex will boast all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable life. It will have children's and adult polyclinics, a medical center, shops and fitness centers, cafes and restaurants.

A new major shopping and entertainment center Mara Mall will be a favorite spot for shopping and recreation for many residents of the capital. It will stand out not only for its unusual and modern architecture but also for the best shopping and entertainment experience as it will offer the best shops, a huge food court and entertainment to suit all tastes. It will be easy to pick up gifts for Valentine's Day here!

The international financial center Minsk World will become the business heart of the complex. Minsk World is designed to attract investments from all over the globe and foster the creation of thousands of jobs in Belarus. It is quite possible that in the future many residents of the Minsk World complex will be able to go to their prestigious jobs on foot. Some of them might also meet the love of their life in the offices of the center!

Each quarter of the Minsk World complex has its distinctive features. For example, the Africa and Asia quarters will have kindergartens with swimming pools, the Champions quarter will have a school with a huge stadium and a sports town, while the North America quarter will have two modern schools with a great stadium and gyms.

At the same time, all the quarters of the Minsk World complex have many things in common!

First of all, the complex boasts excellent transport infrastructure. You can conveniently reach any place in Minsk from here. A third metro line will go through the complex and two new metro stations will be located nearby. Ground transport stops will be conveniently incorporated into the infrastructure of the complex. Nezavisimosti Square is only five minutes away by car, while from Kizhevatova Street you can reach the Minsk Ring Road very fast.

The courtyards of every house will be clean, green and landscaped, with many trees and bushes. Each house will have playgrounds for kids, sports grounds, and cozy recreational zones.

A new urban park as large as ten hectares will be laid out at the complex. You will certainly enjoy walking with your kids under the shade of its trees or take our your date for a romantic promenade along a distant alley. Residents of all ages will simply love this park! The park will be within a walking distance for residents of all the quarters.

Another piece of good news is that all the quarters in the complex will be connected by bicycle tracks – an excellent place for slow evening rides and intensive workout routines.

The courtyards in the entire Minsk World complex will be free from cars. Car owners will be able to take advantage of numerous outdoor parking lots along the perimeter of the quarters as well as car parks. By the way, the first car park in the Minsk World complex opened in autumn. It has nine floors and sufficient room for up to 800 cars.

Social facilities within a walking distance will also be present in every quarter. The whole complex will feature a large number of commercial premises, some of them will be located on the ground floors of the residential buildings. Shops and bars, beauty studios and dental offices, gyms and travel agencies will be nearby, regardless of the quarter you choose to live in!

Which house to choose? The New York house with a panoramic elevator and a mirrored facade or the five-section Beijing house? Or, perhaps, the Alexandria house decorated by fixtures resembling rays of the Lighthouse of Alexandria? Or the Sydney Lux house that resembles an on-shore hotel?

All the houses in the Minsk World complex share common features that will make life here incredibly comfortable.

Buyers appreciate the fact that all apartments boast a base build concept. Tenants themselves decide on how to arrange the living space, including the layout of rooms and location of walls and doorways... This is a very important advantage of organizing living space today.

Another unique feature is a light-filled interior of each apartment. Panoramic glazing, glazed loggias, balconies and terraces, floor-to-ceiling windows – everything here is designed to allow for an abundance of natural light.

All double-glazed windows are from the world's leading manufacturers. Lower sections of panoramic windows are made of shatterproof glass. All the opening parts of the windows have children's security locks. Glass tinting is widely used to decorate the glass facade.

All the houses are skyscrapers for Minsk, up to 25 storeys each! Each house will have three fast and quiet elevators from the world's leading producer OTIS. Reaching any floor with this kind of technology will not be a problem! Silent and fast, with a high load capacity, they provide instant and comfortable ascent to any floor. There are absolutely exclusive solutions - in the New York house, for example, tenants will enjoy the panoramic elevator every day!

Each house will have entryways on both sides that lead to a parking lot and a green courtyard, which means that there will be no need to go round the house in order to get to your car or to take your kid for a walk.

Every house will have a spacious designer lobby featuring a concierge stand, a reception zone to welcome guests, and a restroom with a baby changing station. The houses will also get rooms for storing prams and bicycles.

Every courtyard will have children's playgrounds, workout areas, and quiet recreation areas with benches and landscape design.

One would agree that the descriptions of these houses and quarters are alluring. What is more important is that these apartments are affordable to the majority of Belarusian families with a stable income. One of the main goals of the real estate developer is to provide every Belarusian family with their own housing!

Considerable additional investments poured by the company's investors into civil engineering projects have allowed to preserve and improve the most attractive tool – a unique long-term installment plan from the real estate developer. The installment plan in the Minsk World complex is provided for up to ten years. Without an interest rate, without overpayments, without inflating the price per square meter. You do not need income verifications and guarantors, only your passport to sign the contract! True, you need to make a down payment but we offer a custom-tailored service. Even the lack of money to make a down payment will not be a problem. For instance, you can apply to a partner bank for a loan of up to Br40,000 without income verifications and guarantors right in the company's sales office.

Managers of the sales office will help find the most suitable installment plan for everyone. After all, the promo applies to the most popular houses!

Our partner banks now also offer better lending terms – the loan can cover up to 90% of the apartment's cost and can be repaid over the period of up to 20 years. The interest rate on a Belarusbank loan will be 4.99% per annum in the first year and 10% in the second year and the third one. The interest rate on a BPS-Sberbank loan will be 6.99% per annum in the first two years.

The promo timed to Valentine's Day is symbolic. It does not just offer a substantial discount to those who want to buy an apartment of their own in Minsk. It also encourages young people to make a bold move! It sends a signal to middle-aged people: your family deserves more! Take good care of the future of your children and grandchildren!

All the details regarding the conditions of buying an apartment as part of the Valentine's Day promo are available on the website and from the company's sales office. The sales office is open from 8:30 till 20:30 on weekdays and from 9:00 till 20:00 on weekends and holidays at 9 Mstislavtsa Street (1st floor, Dana Center), Vostok metro station, Minsk. The mobile hotline number is 7675, fixed-line numbers are +375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465.

Love does exist and it will live in your new home!

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