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+375 (1770) 5-94-49

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+375 (1770) 5-10-91

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on working days: 8.00 - 17.00, lunch break: 13.00 - 14.00

Telephone «hot line» of the regional executive committee:

+375 (1770) 5-94-49

Single help service telephone number «one window»: 142


The industry of the region is represented by 18 industrial companies and subdivisions, ten of them are state owned, four are subordinated to the local authorities, and four are commercial.

The regional industrial companies employ 3,080 specialists, or 18.7% of the economically active population.

The regional industry specializes in production of sand sugar, medicinal preparations, soft drinks and low alcohol, bakery products, starch, spirituous beverages, whole milk products, butter, canned milk, soft cheese, skim milk powder, mayonnaise, meat, sausage goods, preserves, flour, flax-fibre, cottonised flax-fibre, textiles, furniture, fuel bricks, packing bags, door units and printed products.

The region has a well developed agricultural industry, which specializes in milk, meat, crops, sugar beet and flax production. It generates some 7.5% of the gross agricultural output in the Minsk oblast. The agriculture areas of the Nesvizh region amount to 3.7% of the oblast agriculture areas.

The exports in the region totaled $65 million in 2007, 12.5% up from the previous year (the target was 1% up). Several companies increased their exports, namely,  the joint stock comapny ValZhan by 36.7%, the agricultural production cooperative Agrokombinat Snov by 45.5%, Stroydrevdetal almost two times, Nesvizh clothes factory by 2.4 times, Gorodeya sugar mill by 7,5%.

The imports amounted to $68.1 million, accounting for 76.4% of the 2006 volume (the target was 5% up).

In 2006, a trade deficit was $31.2 million, in 2007 $3.1 million (the projection was a $3.7mn deficit).

Major importers are Gorodeya sugar mill ($36.1 million), Agrokombinat Snov ($7.8 million), Nesvizh medical goods plant ($5.7 million).

The region increased the export of services by 24.6% while the target was 13% up.

The import of services accounted for 78.5% of the previous year level (the target was 7% up). The surplus was $159,000, while the projections provided for a deficit of $50,000.

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