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Minister: Coronavirus pandemic exposed strong sides of Belarus' healthcare system


The coronavirus pandemic helped expose the best qualities of the Belarusian healthcare system, Healthcare Minister Vladimir Karanik told reporters while inspecting the new building of the Borisov Central District Hospital on 23 July, BelTA has learned.

“All healthcare professionals regardless of their specialization – pulmonologists, surgeons, emergency doctors – joined this fight and performed their duty with exceptional professionalism and responsibility,” Vladimir Karanik said.

A series of events to honor frontline healthcare workers started at a district level on 23 July. “These are more than 2,000 healthcare professionals, including nurses, nurse's aides, doctors, department heads; they will get the rewards they have deserved,” the minister added.

Vladimir Karanik expressed gratitude to absolutely all healthcare workers for keeping the healthcare system running in that difficult time. None of the specialized national research centers was re-purposed, which means that the primary care performed all its tasks amid the pandemic.

At present the majority of hospitals across the country is returning to their usual operation mode.

According to head of the Main Healthcare Directorate of Minsk Oblast Natalya Boyarskaya, the region's frontline healthcare workers received a total of Br20 million in bonuses.

Vladimir Karanik also recalled the instruction of the head of state to provide healthcare workers with the most advanced equipment and decent working conditions.

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