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Belarus' maize harvest 30.5% complete


MINSK, 21 September (BelTA) – A total of 372,900 hectares of area under maize has been harvested in Belarus, which is 30.5% of the plan, BelTA learned from the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry.

As of 21 September, Belarus harvested 369,400 hectares of maize for silage and fodder (37.8% of the plan) and gathered 8.7 million tonnes of grass feed with the yield at 263.2 centners per hectare. Harvesting of maize for grain has just kicked off and is only 1.42% complete: 3,470 hectares were harvested, 18,600 tonnes threshed.

Grain and leguminous crops (excluding maize) were harvested from the area of 2.154 million hectares, or 99.4% of the plan. The grain harvesting campaign in Brest Oblast and Grodno Oblast is already over. Gomel Oblast completed 99.8% of the plan (harvesting 338,300 hectares), Minsk Oblast – 99.4% (488,500 hectares), Mogilev Oblast – 98.7% (314,200 hectares), and Vitebsk Oblast – 98.5% (344,800 hectares).

All in all, 8.038 million tonnes of grain was threshed across the country with the average yield at 36.8 centners per hectare (in 2019, the yield as of the same date was 31.1 centners per hectare). Minsk Oblast gathered more than 2 million tonnes of grain, Grodno Oblast over 1.5 million tonnes, Brest Oblast over 1.3 million tonnes, Mogilev Oblast over 1.1 million tonnes, Vitebsk Oblast over 1 million tonnes, and Gomel Oblast over 900,000 tonnes.

Flax was harvested from the area of 25,400 hectares (53.5% of the plan), 82,400 tonnes was gathered, with the average yield at 37.8 centners per hectare.

In addition, some 830,400 tonnes of hay (82.2% of the plan), 13.221 million tonnes of haylage (104.9%) and 7.691 tonnes of silage (40.1%) was stocked. Plans are in place to procure 9.3 million tonnes of fodder units of grass feed, most of them in Minsk Oblast and Brest Oblast. By this time, 65.9% of the plan has been fulfilled.

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