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Belorusneft's charging stations chain to soon be able to handle up to 15,000 electric cars


GOMEL, 19 November (BelTA) – The chain of charging stations that will be set up in Belarus by the end of the year will be able to handle up to 15,000 electric cars, BelTA learned from Anatoly Kotlyarov, head of the division in charge of prospective development of new energy technologies at the Belarusian industrial group Belorusneft.

Belorusneft has been authorized by the state to develop a chain of charging stations using the Malanka [lightning in Belarusian] brand. According to Anatoly Kotlyarov, there are 280 charging stations in Belarus at present. Their number will be increased up to 400 by the end of the year. “The chain will allow handling up to 15,000 electric cars. About 1,500 electric cars have been registered in Belarus so far,” he said. The number of charging stations will exceed 600 by 2022.

The entire world is eagerly embracing electric transport and Belarus follows the trend. Legislation is passed and programs and measures are worked out to stimulate electric transport. The number of electric cars, which are imported to Belarus, increased considerably after stimulating measures came into force in June 2020. As many as 396 electric cars were imported to Belarus between January 2020 and 15 June 2020. As many as 400 electric cars were imported within two months after that date. The figure has virtually gone beyond the semi-annual target.

Belorusneft continues working to develop the Malanka charging stations chain. At present the chain uses and sets up Mode 3 and Mode 4 stations. A Mode 3 station allows an electric car owner to charge the vehicle within 6-8 hours. A Mode 4 station can charge 80% of the car battery within only 15-30 minutes.

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