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Formation of the budget of Minsk region for 2020


According to operational data, the regional budget for 2020 received 3,511.9 million rubles, including the republican budget - 583.9 million rubles, and local budgets - 2,928.0 million rubles.

The formation of the budget of Minsk region in January-December 2020 was provided by more than 900 thousand payers, including 32.3 thousand organizations; 44.5 thousand individual entrepreneurs and 823.5 thousand individuals who pay property payments to the budget.

From organizations of the public sector of the economy, the budget received 1,200.8 million rubles in January-December 2020. They account for 34.2 percent of total receipts.

Payments of the non-state sector of the economy in the total receipts of the region amounted to 2,311.1 million rubles of taxes and payments, or 65.8 percent of total receipts, including by organizations paid to the budget - 2,073.4 million rubles, by individual entrepreneurs - 94.9 million. rubles, individuals - 142.8 million rubles. Compared to the same period in 2019, payments increased by 2.7% in comparable prices, or by 59.7 million rubles.

Revenues per non-governmental organization in January-December 2020 amounted to 71.4 thousand rubles. An average of 2.1 thousand rubles were received from one individual entrepreneur.

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