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Alexander Turchin: veterans should feel our concern. And not only on May 9


Today the Chairman of Minsk Regional Oblast Executive Committee Alexander Turchin visited the participant of the Great Patriotic War, the Honorary Citizen of Minsk Region Alexander Sloboda, congratulated on the Victory Day and presented gifts.


May 9 for Alexander Ivanovich, who last year celebrated his 100th birthday, is a special day, a reason to put on a jacket again, remember his comrades in arms and drink a hundred grams of the frontline. Even after 76 years, the events of the Great Patriotic War are not letting go of the veteran. You cannot erase the defense of Mogilev and Moscow from your memory, three wounds, leadership of a partisan detachment ... Numerous orders and medals, which have long not fit on the chest, remind of each bloody episode.


So on the eve of the next anniversary of the Great Victory, memories of the horrors that fell to the lot of his peers in the fighting 40s again flooded into Alexander Ivanovich. And when the governor appeared on the threshold of his apartment, the veteran was generally moved.

- Alexander Ivanovich, I promised to come to you on your 101st birthday, but I could not resist, I really wanted to congratulate you on the Victory Day. Thanks to people like you, today we live in an independent country. Your military path deserves great respect, but we also value your labor services for the good of Minsk region. Thank you very much for being there, - said Alexander Turchin.


What a holiday without gifts? And what is a fighter without a machine gun? So thought the head of the central region and handed the war veteran, the former commander of a company of machine gunners, a model of a PPSh machine gun, flowers and a grocery basket.

- Alexander Genrikhovich, you made me happy with your visit to the 100th anniversary, and now you have done it again. I am very grateful to you, I always follow the news about the development of Minsk region, I am proud of its successes. And special thanks for the machine. Yes, I had this during the war, this is a memory. Now some people are trying to falsify the events of the war, to diminish the significance of the Soviet Army in the fight against fascism, but I know how it really was. And all the veterans know. All Belarusians should protect our heroic past, - A. Sloboda shared.


Not without front-line hundred grams, which were raised for the health of Alexander Ivanovich, peaceful and independent Belarus.


- Time is inexorable, now less than 500 participants of the Great Patriotic War live in the Minsk region. Each of them should feel our care and attention. And not only on May 9, - stressed Alexander Turchin.

By the way, on these May holidays, not a single veteran of the Great Patriotic War of the Minsk region will be forgotten. Sincere congratulations and gifts await everyone.



Alexander Ivanovich Sloboda

Born on August 27, 1920 in the village of Dubrovy, Verkhnedvinsky district, Vitebsk region. Member of the Great Patriotic War: defended Mogilev, Moscow, liberated Belarus from the German fascist invaders.

He worked as a secretary of the Gomel and Bobruisk regional committees of the Komsomol. He held the posts of the second secretary of the Slutsk district party committee, the chairman of the Slutsk district executive committee, the first secretary of the Luban district party committee. For a long time he worked as deputy chairman of the people's control of the BSSR. Since 1987, the chairman of the Minsk Regional Council of Veterans.


He was awarded the Hammer and Sickle gold medal, two Orders of the Battle Red Banner, the Orders of Lenin, the 1st degree of the Patriotic War, the Red Banner of Labor, the Badge of Honor, the Order of Honor of the Republic of Belarus, medals "For Courage", "Partisan of the Patriotic War" 1st degree, "For the Defense of Moscow", four certificates of honor of the Supreme Council of the BSSR, Certificate of honor of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, two thanks of the President of the Republic of Belarus.

Hero of Socialist Labor.

Honorary Citizen of the Minsk Region.

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