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A well-deserved reward!


According to the results of the III quarter of 2021, the MTF "Matsilevschina" of JSC "Gritskevichi" was again named the best among dairy farms with the productivity of the dairy herd for the previous year from 7,500 kg per 1 cow.

The strongest farms of the region compete in the category over 7,500 kg, so the farms of our district also became competitors of the "Macilevshchina" in the last quarter: SEC "Agrokombinat Snov", JSC "New Life", JSC "Nesvizh Islands", JSC "September 17" and JSC "Gorodeya".

Guests from Minsk came to Gritskevichi to congratulate the winners — Alexander Yurchik, head of the Department for Socio-economic Work of the Minsk Regional Trade Union Committee of Agricultural Workers, and Alexander Motuz, chief Technical Inspector of the regional Trade Union Committee. They presented the team of the farm in the person of the foreman of the production team in animal husbandry Valentina Minich with an Honorary diploma of the winner. And the chairman of the district committee of the union of agricultural workers Svetlana Antonchik handed over useful gifts from the district committee to the livestock breeders - a microwave oven and an electric kettle.

The director of the farm Evgeny Zdanovich addressed warm words of gratitude to his employees for their productive work and to the guests for their attention.

There are 33 people working at MTF "Matsilevshchyna", the best of whom this year were named machine milking operator Lyudmila Plotko and fattening operator Marina Gordyuk.

For 9 months of 2021, 4922.6 tons of milk were produced (+7.6% compared to last year), 4515.7 tons were sold (+7.9%). Other indicators are also pleasing. For example, milk yield per cow for these 9 months amounted to 8177 kg (+8.7%), and milk marketability — 91.7% (+0.3% compared to the same period last year).

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