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Youth vector: on the implementation of the state youth policy in the district


It is no secret that it is the youth today that is the most important cultural, intellectual and professional reserve of the Belarusian society, the future of our country depends on the quality of life and development of which.

Youth is also an accelerator for the introduction of new ideas, initiatives, and new forms of life into practice.

That is why the next dialogue platform held by the "NN" editorial office was devoted to the implementation of the state youth policy in the Nesvizh district.

The dialogue platform was attended by Olga Makarova, Deputy Chairman of the Commission on Juvenile Affairs of the district executive Committee, Anna Bogdan, Head of the social and Educational work Sector of the Department of Education, Sports and Tourism, Sergey Emelianchik, Head of the Employment and Labor Relations Department of the Department of Labor, Employment and Social Protection, Ksenia Khoroshilova, Chief Specialist of the Department of Ideological Work, Culture and Youth Affairs, Ekaterina July, First Secretary of the RK NGO "BRSM", Dmitry Ryzhikov, Director of the sports and recreation center, the director of the city youth center Pavel Shupenich, the head of the women's consultation of the Nesvizh CRH Antonina Gorbach and, of course, the youth - representatives of the city's schools, college, working youth.

The work of the dialogue platform was broadcast live on the social network Instagram, a survey was conducted there the day before - subscribers were asked questions: what problems are most relevant for young people, whether there is an infrastructure in the area that is able to meet personal and social needs, interests of young people, what is missing for the younger generation in the area.

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