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Forward – the youth!


On September 7, 2022, a traditional meeting of young specialists who started working in a healthcare institution in 2022 with representatives of the administration and the trade union committee of the Nesvizh CRH took place. This year, 25 young specialists joined our team: 9 doctors and 16 people with secondary specialized medical education. The meeting was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Nesvizh district Executive Committee Alexander Baltenkov.

The first month of work as specialists is already over. What worries young people at this stage? How is the adaptation at the first workplace going? What do they do in their free time? These and other issues were discussed by the guys in an open dialogue with the chief physician, his deputies, the chairman of the trade union committee, the personnel and economic service. Chief Physician Victoria Prazhenik warmly welcomed the younger generation, wishing them productive well-coordinated work and striving for self-improvement, achieving new professional goals and heights.

Alexander Baltenkov outlined the role of mentors, their close interaction with young people, comprehensive assistance and maximum support – only then can we expect interest and love for the chosen profession among young professionals, both middle-level and among specialist doctors. Moral education of the younger generation, the priorities of the sovereign Belarusian state have always been and remain at the forefront. Alexander Nikolaevich told the audience about the work of the Youth Parliament at the Nesvizh District Council of Deputies, which united young leaders of the Nesvizh region who are ready to work for the benefit of our Republic of Belarus.

Summing up, the chief physician outlined plans for working with young people in the coming months, outlining their goals and objectives.

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