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The Republican Forum of the BRPO Leaders Started in "Zubrenok"


The second republican forum of the leaders of the BRPO "Pioneer Innovations 3.0" has started at the National Children's Educational and Health Center "Zubrenok", BelTA informs with reference to the chairman of the Central Council of the Belarusian Republican Pioneer Organization Alexandra Goncharova.

"Our forum is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Belarusian pioneer organization. It brought together 150 people - leaders and activists of the BRPO from all regions of the country. For the second year in a row, the BRPO Central Office has been focusing on training the teaching staff - our leaders, squad leaders. preparation and retransmission of our messages depends on how well we will be able to implement certain projects and programs of the Belarusian Republican Pioneer Organization," said Alexandra Goncharova.

The Republican Forum of the BRPO Leaders will be held from 8 to 10 September. The three-day program is full of various activities, including trainings and master classes, excursions, open air "Campfire" and a sports program "Leadership Race" are planned. "The educational blocks will be led by the chairmen of the regional and Minsk city councils, as well as invited guests from the Association of UNESCO Clubs. As practice shows, such a forum platform provides an opportunity to communicate, share best practices and learn something new," said the chairman of the Central Council of the BRPO.

During the solemn opening of the forum, the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, a member of the Council of the Republic Dmitry Voronyuk addressed the children with a welcoming speech. He stressed that the 30th anniversary of the BRPO is an excellent reason for pride in the territory of childhood created for Belarusian schoolchildren with its pioneer laws in the name of goodness and justice, which unites the Octobrists and pioneers into a large strong and friendly family.

The most anticipated event of the first day of the forum was the presentation of a new song by the pioneer organization "Territory of Childhood", which was performed by the pupils of the National Center for Musical Art named after Vladimir Mulyavin. On the final day, in the format of an open microphone, a "100% meeting" is planned with the heads of the Presidential Administration, the Ministry of Education, the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, where forum participants will be able to get answers to their questions. The forum will end on September 10 with a solemn ceremony honoring the best teachers and chairmen of the BRPO councils.

The birthday of the Belarusian Republican Pioneer Organization is celebrated on 13 September.

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