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Lawyer speaks about his expectations from Belarusian People's Congress


Adoption of a new regulation or a law should be preceded by a more thorough study; experts and law enforcement officers should be actively involved in their development, lawyer Sergei Lapsar, a delegate of the forthcoming 6th Belarusian People's Congress, told BelTA.

He noted that it is a great honor for him to be a delegate of the congress. “As a lawyer, an active member of a public association (BRSM Youth Union), I am interested in the economic and legal aspects of the country's development in the next five years. I would like to see in which direction we will move. And, if there is an opportunity, I would like to put forward my proposals and ideas,” he said. Sergei Lapsar noted that he actively participated in discussion platforms that offered a debate on topical issues of the country's development, as well as on constitutional reform.

“I strongly believe that legal norms should be worked out more thoroughly before they are approved. Law enforcers sometimes come across regulations that, in their opinion, require some kind of adjustment and revision,” the lawyer said.

At one of the discussion platforms in which the lawyer took part, the participants discussed the need to amend the Council of Ministers' Resolution No. 229 on the procurement of goods. “I think I was not the only one who spoke about this, the topic was probably discussed at different levels. But the fact is that in December 2020, much-needed changes came into force,” he said. The amendments will give an advantage to domestic manufacturers. This is one of the ways to support Belarusian producers, the lawyer added.

According to him, a constant dialogue is needed in legislative work. The form and mechanism of such a discussion should be established. For example, constitutional reform can be discussed through a large-scale public debate or a round table, while normative acts in a certain area or industry should be discussed in some other way. “My fellow lawyers and I are still thinking about this in an effort to develop an effective proposal,” Sergei Lapsar added.

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