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The traffic police will conduct a preventive action "Motor movement - no violations"


In order to increase the efficiency of the work of the internal affairs bodies to prevent accidents involving motor vehicles, to promote road safety during the operation of motorcycles and mopeds, to form mutually polite relations between road users and to suppress hooligan actions by motorcyclists, the State Traffic Inspectorate will hold a republican preventive action from 23 to 30 April " Motor movement - no violations. "

These accidents are often guilty of both motorcyclists who violate high-speed modes of movement, go into the oncoming lane when overtaking vehicles, make abrupt rearrangements, and car drivers who lose the habit of motorcyclists on the road during the winter. All this sometimes leads to irreparable consequences.

The State Traffic Inspectorate calls on the owners of two-wheeled vehicles to strictly comply with the traffic rules. "Remember, before you get behind the wheel of a motorcycle, you need to take care of having a driver's license of the appropriate category. After all, driving a motor vehicle without a corresponding category entails the imposition of an administrative penalty in the form of a fine in the amount of 5 to 20 base units. The same actions are repeated within a year. after imposing an administrative penalty for the same violations, they entail a fine in the amount of 20 to 50 BV or administrative arrest, "the traffic police said. Do not forget about the use of passive safety equipment, in particular a motorcycle helmet.

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