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Nesvizh City Youth Center hosted a dialogue platform on the implementation of state youth policy and youth initiatives


The event was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Nesvizh District Executive Committee Alexander Baltenkov, Deputy of the Minsk Regional Council of Deputies, Director of the Nesvizh Central Regional Library named after Pavel Pronuzo, delegate of the All-Belarusian People's Assembly from the Nesvizh District Lyudmila Vitko, Chairman of the District Committee of the Trade Union of Agricultural Workers, Chairman of the Nesvizh Regional Organization of the Public Association "Belarusian Union of Women" Svetlana Antonchik, chief specialist of the department of ideological work, culture and youth affairs of the Nesvizh regional executive committee Veronika Tsvirko, senior operative of the drug control and anti-trafficking group of the internal affairs department of the Nesvizh regional executive committee Alexander Boris, assistant hygienist of the state institution "Nesvizh regional center hygiene and epidemiology "Alla Makarevich, First Secretary of the Nesvizh District Committee of the Public Association" Belarusian Republican Union of Youth zhi ”Ksenia Khoroshilova, as well as the youth activists of the Nesvizh region.

During the work of the platform, issues of the activities of the Youth Parliament, the implementation of the most significant youth initiatives, the formation of patriotic ideals of modern youth, social formation and development were discussed.

Also, topics for discussion were the vaccination of the population against coronavirus infection, the implementation of the project "The City of Nesvizh is a Healthy City", the implementation of measures aimed at taking effective measures to counter drug trafficking and prevent drug consumption.

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