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Nesvizh children are winners «SPRING dance cup 2021»


On March 14, a republican artistic dance tournament "SPRING dance cup 2021" was held at the Republican State School of the Olympic Reserve. About 300 young representatives of Belarusian dance schools competed in Latin American and European programs, performing in pairs and solo. The jury evaluated both the technique of performance and the artistry of the dancers.

Dancers of different ages also appeared on the floor - students of the Fiesta dance academy, which has branches in the capital, Minsk and Mogilev regions, including dancers from Nesvizh. The tournament was attended by both couples and girls in the categories of solo direction. So, in the category "Juvenile 1 Solo" Ulyana Koleda took 2nd place, and Kira Marchenko won a bronze medal. In the category "Juveniles 2 Solo", the women from Nesvizh became participants in the superfinal, and according to its results: Ulyana Bychkovskaya took 3rd place, and Anna Kozlyakovskaya became the 7th; Ekaterina Stasenok reached the final of the competition and took 3rd place. In the category "Juveniles 1 + 2 Pairs" Ilya Khomyakov and Alexandra Marmuzevich won the bronze medal of the competition. The participants of the final and superfinal were awarded with certificates and memorable souvenirs, the prize-winners of the tournament were awarded with medals.

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