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About safety - exciting and informative


On July 16, employees of the children's creativity center, together with employees of the IDN of the Nesvizh District Department of Internal Affairs, visited the children in the summer health camp with a round-the-clock stay "Orlyonok" of the Nesvizh District. The head of the juvenile affairs inspectorate, Vladimir Viktorovich Ivanisenya, when meeting with the teenagers of the third shift, spoke about the importance of observing safety rules at railway transport facilities, on public roads, on the water and in the forest, gave examples of unlawful behavior among minors in the Nesvizh region, and also responsibility for the commission of unlawful acts.

The children were shown videos on drug trafficking and the harmful effects of their use on health. Children were happy to ask interesting questions and discussed them vigorously. After that, they conducted an entertaining dance and game program, as a result of which the children visited a body art specialist and were satisfied with the original drawings.

Source: Нясвіжскія навіны

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