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+375 (1770) 5-94-49

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+375 (1770) 5-10-91

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on working days: 8.00 - 17.00, lunch break: 13.00 - 14.00

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+375 (1770) 5-94-49

Single help service telephone number «one window»: 142

The harvest continues. Next thousands have appeared


On this occasion, on July 26, Alexander Lomsky, Chairman of the Nesvizh District Executive Committee, Tatiana Zhuk, Deputy Chairman of the Agriculture and Food Department of the District Executive Committee, and Svetlana Antonchik, Chairman of the District Committee of the Agrarian and Industrial Complex Trade Union, congratulated the harvest workers of Nesvizh Agro-Industrial Complex. "Agrocombinat Snov".

Young driver Dzyanis Lyakhnovich (transported 1,017 tons of grain at the time of awarding), senior combine operator Syarhei Prazhenik and combine operator Syarhei Aulokhau (reduced 2003 tons) from Agrocombinit Nesvizhsky CJSC, senior combine harvesters99 t Alexander Sukala and 10 were awarded for transportation and grain threshing. Yuri Manulik (1026 tons) from JSC "Nesvizh Islands", drivers Oleg Vinnichak (1365 tons) and Vyacheslav Gritskevich (1043 tons), senior combine harvesters Sergei Voinyak (1064 tons), Alexander Grinash (1042 tons) and Valery Plotka (1000 tons) from the Agricultural Complex "Snow".

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