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Friday, 05 February 2021

Lukashenko: Belarus needs breakthrough innovative technologies

Today the country needs new breakthrough, efficient and innovative technologies, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at a ceremony to award doctoral and professor certificates on 5 February, BelTA has learned. 

The head of state stressed that it is a tradition this time in Belarus to sum up the results of the academic year and present certificates to doctors of sciences and professors, smart, talented and hardworking representatives of the scientific and pedagogical community. The president congratulated the participants of the ceremony on the next important milestone in their careers and the new status that opens more opportunities. 

“I have always said that my task as the first President of independent Belarus is to strengthen the old traditions and create new ones,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko. He called the current event - the meeting of the head of state with scientists and presentation of doctoral and professor certificates - one of such new traditions. “I think it will stay as a tribute to our scientists from the head of state,” said the president. 

“Today the country needs new breakthrough, efficient and innovative technologies. This is a great chance to prove one's worth for those who are really interested in the development of science and the fate of Belarus,” the president said. In his words, science has long been not only a tool of knowledge but also a real productive force that determines progress in all areas of human activity. Moreover, it is the most important factor in strengthening the independence and sovereignty of the state. 

“The level of scientific development predetermines the role and place of a country on the political map of the world, the capabilities of the economy and its defense capabilities. Science is always at the core. We live in a world of rapidly changing trends, knowledge and technologies. Strategic forecasts and the accuracy of expert assessments are today more crucial than ever,” the Belarusian leader said. 

“We set big goals for the five-year period: to significantly increase the scientific intensity of the gross domestic product and reach the level of innovative development of the leading countries in Eastern Europe. We intend to make significant progress in such areas as innovative healthcare, biotechnologies, national electric transport, smart cities and others. Without you, the people of science, without your active participation in these projects, it is hardly possible to achieve,” the president emphasized. 

The head of state presented Doctor of Sciences diplomas to nine scientists. They included representatives of historical, medical, pedagogical, agricultural, technical, economic and legal sciences.

The president bestowed professor certificates on head of the political science department at the Faculty of Law of the Belarusian State University Nina Antanovich (political science), professor of the special pedagogics department at the Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after Maxim Tank Tatyana Lisovskaya (pedagogics), Deputy Chairperson of the Constitutional Court Natalya Karpovich (law), First Vice Rector of the Belarusian State Medical University Irina Moroz (preventive medicine). 

Aleksandr Lukashenko pointed out that the ceremony was attended not only by those who had received doctoral and professor certificates but also by scientists who had made a significant contribution to the success of their colleagues - their scientific advisors. 

“In this pragmatic age, the work of a mentor focused on establishing a scientific school and training young scientists is invaluable,” the president said. 

The head of state emphasized that tutors play a crucial role in education. "After university, in production, in life a person becomes a real specialist. No one however can reach anything without a mentor. The same is true about science. I appreciate it very much,” he said. 

The president also spoke positively about the older generation continuing work in science. “Thank God we have healthy elders, and they work at the Academy of Sciences. This is a treasure stove of knowledge, this is science itself! No one should worry that we have elders in education and science. They have a lot to say,” the head of state said. Of course this by no means denies the necessity to involve young people, the president added. He, however, emphasized the importance of the continuity of generations: “As last year showed, it is very important. There is a change of generations. It is important that we pass on to our young people the experience and knowledge that we have accumulated over a long period of work.” 

Aleksandr Lukashenko also stressed the importance of the research and knowledge of scientists to be projected into today's life. “Any science should be adjusted to the present so that it benefits the society,” the head of state added. 

The president underlined that he personally appreciates the hard work of scientists very much and has always sought to ensure that their activities are given due attention in the country. “The work of a scientist is exorbitantly hard. One should be naturally talented to do science,” the Belarusian leader said. He recalled that on his initiative a number of measures had been taken in the country to bestow titles and degrees on scientists solely in accordance with their merits to make the process fair and unbiased.

“I believe that the future successes of the students, your students and your own scientific victories will give us many more occasions to meet in the Palace of Independence,” the head of state addressed the attendees. 

A tour around the halls of the symbol of Belarusian statehood and sovereignty was a pleasant addition to the ceremony for representatives of science. 

In 2020, the Higher Attestation Commission awarded academic degrees to 347 applicants, including 40 doctors of sciences and 307 candidates of sciences. Some 34 foreign nationals from nine countries (China, Russia, Vietnam, Libya, Ukraine, Venezuela, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan) became academic degree holders. 

The greatest number of academic degrees were awarded in the healthcare sector - 67 theses (19.3% of successfully defended theses), technical sector - 65 (18.7%) and economic sector - 38 (11%). 

In 2020, the professor's degree was awarded to 31 applicants, an associate professor's degree to 313 applicants. Applications for academic titles were submitted by the institutions of the Education Ministry (50%) and the Healthcare Ministry (16%), the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (15%), other national government bodies (19%).

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