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Belarus' Development Bank to earmark Br946m to finance state programs in 2021


The Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus (DBRB) will designate Br946 million to finance state programs and activities in 2021. The funding plan was formalized by resolution No.32 of the Council of Ministers of 22 January 2021, which was officially published on the National Legal Internet portal, BelTA has learned.

A total of Br500 million will be allocated to finance leasing purchases of equipment and vehicles in the first half of the year alone.

Almost Br63.4 million worth of loans will be earmarked as part of state support for the Agricultural Business state program in 2021-2025. The recipients are the Domanovo subsidiary of Brestoblgaz, Dzerzhinsky agro-kombinat, Druzhba poultry factory, DAK farm.

Some Br92.5 million will be allocated as loans for investment projects under the same state program. Funding is earmarked for AgroSoly, Velikoselskoye Agro, Gomelenergo, Gorodilovo, Gudogai, Zhukhovichi, Minsk Dairy Plant No.1, Savushkin-Luch, Savushkina Pushcha, Sporovo, and Mikhail Shruba's farm.

More than Br290.45 million will be allocated for projects approved by the decision of the head of state. In particular, the Transport and Communications Ministry will receive Br132.3 million for road repair, Minsk National Airport - Br4.63 million, the Minsk Research Center for Surgery, Transplantation and Hematology - Br10 million, OAO Belmedsteklo - Br12.76 million. Br12 million will be spent on the reconstruction of the overpass and Gagarina Street in Vitebsk.

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