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Belarusian trade unions oppose renewal of U.S. economic sanctions


Trade unions have unanimously opposed the United States' decision to unfreeze sanctions against Belarus, BelTA learned from the press service of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus (FTUB).

Fifteen trade unions of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus have called for lifting the unlawful economic sanctions against Belarusian enterprises. The trade unions believe that this wrongful decision violates the labor rights of Belarusians and might lead to job losses and lower salaries.

“We, trade unions of Belarus and representatives of labor collectives, oppose the renewal of the U.S. sanctions against enterprises of the Belarusian petrochemical industry. These measures are pure economic aggression and an extortion attempt. Under the pretense of imaginary noble causes, the U.S. politicians have adopted decisions that contradict international law and are meant to harm the economy of a sovereign state. The U.S. officials turn a blind eye to the fact that these measures might result in job losses and lower salaries as well as jeopardize Belarus' ability to fulfill its social obligations,” reads the address of the Belarusian trade unions to the United States opposing the renewal of the economic sanctions against Belarusian enterprises.

The trade unions noted that this decision of the United States is aimed at fueling social tensions and destabilizing the situation in the region. “All this will lead to the disruption of the stable world order. We urge the United States to rethink this destructive policy that has proven ineffective,” the trade unions stressed and called to “respect the interests and basic rights of Belarusians.”

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